Thursday's thread has far to go



In early this morning because I’m going to a client’s Christmas do in Notting Hill and then racing over to the Scala once it’s finished to see Girl Band. I’m dressed incredibly formally for a gig :confused:

What’chu got on?


Morning J_I, I’m jealous of your going to see girl band tonight, I’m sure you look great, maybe get yersel a hat.
Hardly slept last night, so got out of bed at 6 and went to the gym.
Got the other halfs works do tonight!


Work, climb, eat, sleep.


Heading down to brighton for a iob interview, need to find a vegan cafe for lunch.


That shouldn’t be too hard in Brighton, right?


Cheers my man, this’ll be the third time I’ll have been to see them :heart_eyes:

What’s going on at the TV’s work do?


I’ve had just about enough of your attitude, J_I.


The Rakes really toned it down in their dotage :wink:


Morning. I’m recovering after the flat move. Going to see the Wedding Present tonight. Need to go out to get some breakfast.


I’d like to like this, but I’ve never knowingly heard anything by The Rakes. Sorry dude.


3rd time?! I’ve yet to see them but have my tickets for next year :slight_smile:
its prom theme type thing, so i’ll be donning by tux and bow tie. think drink loads and dance :slight_smile:


Ooft! Homecoming King material.


i had one on last week for an awards shindig as well, i can now tie the bow tie in under 8 mins :slight_smile:


Did someone mention Girl Band???

Morning all! Woke up a bit too early for my liking. Breakfast in a minute, then I’ll get a plan together for a covers gig I’m playing over Christmas. Out to the suburbs then to do some work/walk around and clear my head.


Those spotify bus shelter adverts really do not work do they?


Work then off to see Meilyr Jones in Stoke


I’ve never even tried to tie one, they look fiddly as fuck. I’m quite good with a pocket square though.

Best thing about a self tie is wearing it undone at the end of the night and looking glacially cool.


Ha! I meant the vegan cafe. I’m sure the work will be difficult but rewarding.


pffft, that the only reason you learn how to do it :slight_smile:
pocket squares are a must


Strong look. Works for Kevin from Roxy Magic: