Had a good day, went out with Mrs F for a walk on the beach and cliffs, threw a ball for a whippet I know for a little bit, now watching some more Wire and gonna make hot dawgs for tea. What you doin’?

Hi funky

I feel awful, got a ‘rona test booked for the morning.

Watching housewives. No other plans.

Gws :heart::heart::heart:


I had an hour window before another work call at 7pm and I went to do my yoga and who turns up? Fucking Jason and his skateboard.
I was already in a bad mood, now i’m in an even worse one and I’m doing dry Jan #fuming

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Time for Linzi to have a massive tantrum…

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Evening. Had supernoodles for tea. Need to do a big tezzas shop but big tezzas has had a covid outbreak so I need to go to the other big tezzas on the other side of the river. Just to enjoy doing a big shop but now it’s just stressful

Linzi is kicking up!!

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Boss has been away all week but he’s back tomorrow and I’ve barely done anything, dreading it

You’ve had COVID m9!


Went to big Sainsburys. It is - get this - cold out.

Doing overtime now. Listening to Goat.

Ordered an ipad case in anger after the last one got smashed (not by me). Turned up, destroyed the packaging… Wrong fucking size. Worst thing that’s ever happened to me. Tempted to buy another ipad to fill it.

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One of the fun things about my job is learning about just how many district councils there are in England. Four years next week, and I’m still coming across ones I’ve never heard of.

Wychavon District Council:

  • Yes I know where that is
  • Whatchavon?

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Big Morrisons in Anniesland or Big Adsa in Bearsden or Big Sainsbury’s in Drumchapel?

You were one of the :heart: responses, weren’t you?

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What size ipad case do you need? I bought one for my ipad but it was the wrong kind and the shop has since shut so it’s just sitting in my house doing nothing.

I’ve already ordered another one, cheers. It’s for the 9.7" 2018 model. What size do you need? I’ve got the 10.2" 2019/2020 case.

hmm don’t have that. I have the ipad pro 10.5 case by I have an normal ipad 10.5 which is thicker.

We’re both fucked!

Anyone need a nice ipad pro 10.5 case?

Yes, possibly. How nice are we talking?