well the fun of going back to work wore off quickly. started at 8:30am, will be working til midnight again. going to console myself with pizza. prizes for guessing my toppings correctly.

what is going on with you on this thursday evening? (or whatever day it happens to be where you are)

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I’ve got what is probably about 45 mins worth of work left to do if I stop dossing and get on and do it. Obviously I’m going to doss and it’ll take me 2hrs to finish

I’ve got a gammy eye :frowning:

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You and @elthamsmateowen

Alright lads. I’m just back from Harlow. Bought Stuff :grimacing:

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Anyone wanna hear about my capitalist purchases?

I’m wearing a tie dye/bleached shirt to one of the most expensive meals I’ve eaten, and I’m proud

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Off to the chippy

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I mean I’m gonna share anyway.

Two pairs of jeggings which I intend to turn into shorts
Hoop earrings

And this lot


Ain’t that the truth

Someone’s been to The Works

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I’m so tired and it feels lovely!

Played tennis today and did a bunch of gardening

also went to coop for treats because it’s a “special” day tomorrow

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Wash it with a warm flannel.
Leave it alone.
Take an antihistamine.
If you’ve got eye drops (or can get them) they might be good.

You’ve probably just rubbed it too much but it might be something else. Your optician might be an easier bet than your doctor and can prescribe stuff.

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Making a dinner that I’m extremely spectical of/about (green bean casserole). Going to watch bits of Arctangent virtual festival in between doing more Python lectures.


Got Chinese on the way, think I might have accidentally on purpose ordered two mains. :thinking:

Gonna watch Three Days of the Condor then probably resume pretending to be a pilot.

Got chicken n chips for tea. Had a busy day moving the furniture around and clearing out a load of stuff. Watching a Studio Ghibli film for the first time ever (Mrs F is a big fan) at the moment, might switch to Taskmaster after.

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Which two mains, please?

Vegetarian dumplings and mixed vegetable udon noodles


Tortellini and tomato sauce for dinner. Not very exciting, but it’s something no one will complain about.

No plans for tonight. Jimbo announced earlier that my other half would be doing his bedtime not me, but we’ll see how that really pans out.