Hello folks. Not been around much today, anything exciting happen? Gonna catch up DB’s AMA. Burgers for tea and watch the new ep of curb methinks. Might drink a tinny or two as well.

What are yous all up to?

I’m going to bang


I think we’re finally at the end of visiting kitchen showrooms and getting designs. I need beer.

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Ffs. SEAN!

I’m going to bangladesh in the new year so I’m looking at travel plans, isn’t that exciting?!


I’ll copy and paste what I wrote just now in the Thursday thread, cos it’ll get lost:

I waited tables at a Tracey Emin private view this afternoon. It was straightforward enough work, and nice customers, but it was a weird experience mentally.

I was assigned to the top table- so Tracey Emin, Jay Jopling, rich important art/media people. They were all very polite and pleasant and I’d say actively nice to me, but it still made me feel weirdly angry in a diffuse way. Especially when Nick Serota was mentioned in a positive light in one of the speeches. (The guy who was until recently head of the Tate-he casualised and minumum waged his employees, and then when he left had the cheek to ask them for a whip-around to buy him a yacht, which caused quite a lot of rage).

Like this is a room full of the people whose decisions keep jobs in galleries and museums minimum wage and insecure, and make sure the path to higher positions is solely through unpaid internships and nepotism. The people who keep the art world closed off and inaccessible. People who started out already owning Park Lane and Mayfair, but think they won the game of Monopoly fair and square.

I also heard them bitching about the corporation tax in the UK being too high. (The UK has one of the lowest around).


Spaghetti bolognese, bojack, zelda

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Stoppded in the pub on the way home for a 2 pinter.

Going to try and get a bit of writing done while I’m here…

Tea, will boil up some rice and bung a load of veg, salad and some cajun sauce together. Then, maybe an episode or two of Maron and then bed.


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got a bit of toothache. dull ache, rather than full on. not best pleased!

Meeting @profk for Tory drinks this eve. I’ll be on the softs as I’m driving


nice work man!

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I put the washing liquid in the fabric softener section of the machine earlier because I’m still half-asleep (and a bit of an idiot). I pressed GO anyway. I think it’ll be fine. It’ll be fine right? Here goes

I’m going to bang out some SQL then cook a cod and chorizo dish for dinner.

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Literally holding myself back from crying after some absolute prick was so horrible to me for calling him out pushing infront of me (and about 30 other people) in a long queue for the station. I’m raging and I’d had a shit shit day.

Better get it together and go workout.

Tracey Emin threatened to move to France if Labour won the general election in 2010 because she didn’t like the proposed 50p top rate of income tax.

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Did the other 30 people do nothing?



Sorry to hear that sounds like he was an arsehole and you were awesome for speaking out. If you need to cry, cry if you need to punch bags at the gym, punch bags at the gym. Both. Neither. I don’t know. Whatever you need to do.
But, yeah. Fuck these fucking pricks.


It wasn’t fine. It was like someone had poured invisible jam all over my towels and bathmats. Double drat!


Yep. One of the other people at the table was Dylan Jones, the old editor of GQ. He was very polite and sweet, but I kept thinking “you were a big David Cameron supporter. You actively choose to starve and mistreat vulnerable people as long as there’s the tradeoff you get more money to keep for yourself”.


does your machine not have a stop button? or was it a way into the cycle?

no further questions