Yep. One of the other people at the table was Dylan Jones, the old editor of GQ. He was very polite and sweet, but I kept thinking “you were a big David Cameron supporter. You actively choose to starve and mistreat vulnerable people as long as there’s the tradeoff you get more money to keep for yourself”.


does your machine not have a stop button? or was it a way into the cycle?

no further questions


He still is the editor, I think. Big fan of the Garden Bridge project as well.


Thank you for your questions

  • It does not
  • I thought ‘fuck it’ and just started it up anyway

(I’m starting it from the rinse cycle to, hopefully, get rid of the invisible slime jam)


on mine, I have to hold down the power button for a few seconds for it to switch off.

man, this is a dull conversation!


paid my tax bill a couple days ago but HMRC take 4-7 days to process the payment. please just take it ffs, extremely dangerous feeling like i have money when i don’t.


At magic rock brewery tap reading Nietzsche like a massive wanker.

Heading back to Leeds to have more nice beer and nice food soon.


Oh wow, people are such shits. Hope you’re OK, you’re great.


TOMORROW IS MY LAST DAY AT MY SHIT JOB!! I AM SO EXCITED TO LEAVE. while hardly anyone is coming to my leaving drinks (loool), the 5 people who are are genuinely my 5 favourite co-workers. i cannot wait to work my last shift while massively overdressed for it, then go to my lovably shit old man local down the road for drinks while massively overdressed for it. gonna wear my tiara and loads of sparkly eyeliner!!! gonna do a test run of my outfit tonight to choose the right jewellery for it and make sure my shoes go as well as i think they will.

think i’m just going to try loads of different outfit combos this evening.


Whaddyamean? It’s great!
So, you say a few seconds. Are we talking in the 3-5 second range or a bit longer?


bout 3 secs my man


Evening all. Just had dinner there, chilling out in my room now. Heading to ‘Blade Runner 2049’ at 20:30 and I’m going to bring a few beers in with me. Will head to a gig afterwards.


actually, it’s the start button, not the power.




Ooo… I’ve probably missed this in one of the daily/evening threads, but have you got another job lined up? WIll you have to move house for it?


Congratulations on the job and stuff but I’m looking forward to this more.


bet they’ve misused a utensil or something


She’s joining the dis mod team. Sean’s arranged for a fold out to be delivered to nikki’s bedsit near the office and apparently has been generous enough to offer a £1.50 lunch subsidy. Theo is still the big earner on £14k per year (9-8 hours) ofc.


Yes, no :frowning:

So basically things got extremely shit at my retail job (not sure if you saw about that?) and I just felt so furious and helpless and desperate to get out that I grasped at the easiest thing I could, which was an admin job at Fenwick in Tunbridge Wells :’) It’s full-time and a whole 45p per hour better paid (…so, still pretty shit pay, but eh)… I feel weirdly depressed about it (it is obviously SO NOT what i want to be doing, and I’m so crushed by the whole job hunting experience that I hardly feel less crushed that I’ve had to settle for such an underwhelming role. feel like suuuch a failure), but at the same time, I’m so relieved to have something to go to that’s less exploitative than my current role and means i get to have weekends off, a stable routine and no customers to deal with. (my friend’s mum, who is great, is going to be my line manager at new job, which is quite comforting.)


Another thread for tomorrow: Things people who post on the Social Board would bring back the death penalty for.