Laughing with James Corden.


Had some BIG ideas for threads today but didn’t have enough time to post:

Adopt a music board member
Superheroes / villains you’d like to see

Please let me know if you’d like to see both or one of these threads tomorrow:

  • Both
  • One (please indicate)
  • None

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You need a holiday. Go abroad and be warm.


Kill me :frowning:


This sounds really interesting! Let me know how it was.

Turing was such a fascinating guy.


(That was an ironic like. Don’t be killed.)


Used the pizza scissors for cutting some the paper


It’s very much true though. I’ve had four days holiday in the past year and a half :’(


I hope it’s Turing the country :grimacing:


Everyone out


Fucking Hell.


Outstanding work!


Fenwicks were always regarded as a good employer when I was in Newcastle, so hopefully they’ll be a lot better than your current place.

Okay, it might not be what you want to do long term, but the regular hours will make such a difference, not least to being able to dedicate time to applying for other jobs.


show us!!! I love getting all sparkled up!! Xxx


I’m going to bang through a few rounds of bridge


It is this

Looks to be a musical


Just had a nap.
Gonna play videogames.


Okay… not quite what I was expecting.

Still be interested to find out what you thought of it, though.


I’m well hungry so I just banged a load of pasta in a saucepan of boiling water


Love the Irish use if “there” in this context.