Hey up DiS

Let’s see your outfits @imaperv love trying on loads of stuff!

Oven chip style tea as didn’t do a big shop this week to use stuff up. Result: Mr s getting ready meals twice and be eating sandwiches when I get home late.

Proper fancy some wine tomorrow but Mr s isn’t drinking atm, do we drink alone if partner is abstaining or is it bit rude and unsupportive?


I’m going to bang


Yeah I’m curious as to it will fit with the tone I’d expect of his story


Drink alone


Maybe depends on whether he feels he needs support in abstaining. If he’s cool with it, drink away!


That’s my thinking… Any jazz hands would be an mistake…

Whilst something heavily Joy Division influenced would hit the spot.


oh god, dylan jones is awful.


South west trains have fucked my stage :frowning:


Hmmmm. Reckon support is needed tbh. We will see…


On the plus side, think I’ve just see the jazzman @bird doing his thing at Waterloo station


That’s South Western Railway to you, son.

#railpedant #fuckoffhe_2


I refuse to be rebranded


Understood @profc


They lost the franchise, whole different company, makes the episode of electric dreams based in Woking the other week already out of date


Ok as requested here is outfit #1 aka what I’m wearing tomorrow. LOOK AT THE DRAPEY SLEEVES!!! #tooglamtodoanywork

Fucked up my eyeliner but it’s only a test run innit. Not sure if a choker AND a necklace is overkill but I felt a bit of gold was needed and the choker really goes with the dress…


watching supervet, hope he doesn’t try to hug anybody


Evening. Just being finishing off a bit of woodwork painting and now having a sit down.

Had a good day. I’ve been trying to organise a “Big Supper Week” for our local foodbank - the idea I had is that people open up their homes, invite others for dinner (either something simple or a full on dinner party), and then people give a donation to the Foodbank on a pay what you like basis. I’ve also opened it up to local restaurants and cafés.

Anyway I’ve had confirmation today that three of my favourite restaurants in town are going to be hosting fundraising events, including one that’s in next year’s Michelin guide.

So anyway I’m really pleased as the idea is beginning to take off :slight_smile:

Oh and Mrs CCB has just brought me a port so it’s all good.


I :heart: you!!! You look amazing!!! Want to come dress up too, love the eyeliner.


Thanks all you Angels
I did the gym thing and now I will do the cry thing x


Hope u paid the jazzman for the filming. That’s the rules.