have you seen chungking express?


you’re a good man, man


I actually did. 30p


“i think that music is too expensive”


Aw Meo, so sorry you had to deal with such a prick!! Good work for standing up to him, you’re brilliant. XXXX MASSIVE hugs to you


When was the last time you saw at the drive in perform live at Waterloo station?

Case closed.


Quite like the new owners despite the obvious increase in delays. Did you take advantage of the free croissant and juice they were offering last week? (I’m easy to please)


I’ve never felt so old asking this, but do you go to gigs every night?! I’m in my PJs 6 out of 7 evenings a week sonny! (I’m 30)


:heart: We should totally dress up for a night on the razz when I visit Glasgow next year!!! (I’m thinking early April?) I completely blame Pretty Little Liars for encouraging my totally extra fashion choices recently. I HAVE SPENT OVER £100 ON ACCESSORIES IN THE LAST MONTH. although i’ve got like 25 accessories for my buck so, y’know, no regrets.

the silver sparkly eyeliner is the best make-up choice I’ve made this year (OMG as if it was only £2.99!!! ). genuinely no idea why this isn’t more of a thing (see also: tiaras, wearing multiple necklaces, cat-ear headbands, bows!!!)


From a working point of view, they’re magnificent. Ever so forthcoming with their GPS data and stuff. Genuinely brilliant people.

Look forward to improved dwell times at stations near you from December 2019.


I’m moving to Spain in December m9. Hope the horrible Tory cunts I sit next to every day are massively inconvenienced.

Except ttf. The one good man of the south west.


They’re my network too dickhead


thats a great frock, never too many necklaces, or too large


is the second pic your stevie nicks impression?


YES!!! Early April is good for me!! That would be amazing!! WOOOOO. Oh my god, I would love to have a rummage through your accessories!! I have hardly any anymore! I used to be mad into them when I was a bit of an emo :blush: so much leopard print, so many bows :heart_eyes: . My Mum found a bunch of it and was like “I found a load of your jewellery from when you were little!!” Erm, I was 19… I think she gave them to a 10 year old.

I love eyeliner to death. I wear black eyeliner every day to do that cat eye flick thingymathing. I couldn’t be arsed today though and as a result I feel a bit naked.


I’m still in the pub. The 2 pinter has reached halfway through number four and the point where number 5 feels like a brilliant plan.

But, there’s more than a few dickheads in here. It’s a lovely little pub, but some dickheads tend to frequent, sadly.

And I’m a bit hungry, but it’s £13 for an average size burger and a shot-sized bucket of chunky chips.


Read this as bowls.


Lol man, I’m still in London :sob:


Outfit 2: If I’ve learned anything from 11 years of regularly going to the football, it’s that it’s really hard to style a football shirt if yr a fat girl who doesn’t wear trousers. This is my best solution thus far:

HAHA I LOOK SO SMUG IN THE SECOND ONE but you can see my cute diamante neck ring so :tipping_hand_woman:


been drinking the same can of beer for over an hour