Hmm doesn’t look like a Chelsea shirt to me…


It’ll be burned to the ground on Saturday.


Hiding in the bedroom whilst the tv makes sweet, sweet music with his pal in the living room.

Should really be doing work but this would involve me clearing the box room for the MILLIONTH time to get to a desk.

Ho diddly hum.

Someone send me a picture or something. Entertainment please.


On a train now. Just engulfed an upper crust Brie and bacon baguette.

Upper crust do the best sarnies - wish they operated outiside train stations


I have a folder labelled “weird stuff” ready for these requests.


Haha yaaaay!!! This reminds me of when I was trying to find easy Alice in Wonderland costumes -


Really want an excuse to make myself a cardboard house tbh


When I was at junior school we had a binbag costume show. My mum made me a caterpillar costume out of a garden binbag and I won the prize.



This is a large intestine.


My cousin went as a slug for halloween and that was basically her costume too :smiley:


I thought this was in relation to the caterpillar costume, I thought “it’s not that bad a costume, is it?”


Thank god for leftovers

Recipe here:
(FAO OF @Matt_was_taken although I’ve probs already suggested this one?)


:open_mouth: I don’t think you have!, favourited for later! :heart:


I’ve made I think 3 things from that series she’s doing and they’re all :100:


She makes it sound so easy to do… is it easy to do?
Also the TV loves pickled stuff :heart_eyes:


watching one of the reboot red dwarf episodes. hitler is a character in it and just took a selfie. sigh.


This one is proper easy and looks so fancy with the extras on! Not too many ingredients either


Did a swim, bought pizza, nearly had a car accident on a roundabout, watched the last episode of Back.


Fucking house is so cold, rads go back on the wall tomorrow. Drinking Havana Club just to warm myself up.


Just added aubergine to my shopping list because of this.

(Should I take this to the Worst Online Dating Chatup Lines Thread?