Internet is fixed, hallelujah!


“I’m going to Whole Foods, do you want anything?”


Outfit 3: on Sunday I’m going to my grandad’s with my mum, aunt and cousin to divvy up my nan’s jewellery. Her giving me a gold bracelet a few years ago sparked my love of OTT gold jewellery so I wanted to pay tribute to that and also just dress like a complete loon. BUT A VERY STYLISH LOON. There is a lot going on here…



I went down to show my mum this outfit and she was baffled. then I heard the main door unlock and open and my brother come in… my brother does not appreciate my, um, UNIQUE dress sense and mocks me for it regularly. couldn’t be arsed to deal with him so i hid in the utility room in the dark for 10 minutes while he annoyed my mum and eventually scarpered back upstairs to my room when he went to annoy my dad in the lounge


Love love love. Excellent lippy. I want to start wearing lipstick, but I’m really absent minded and always wipe my mouth with my hand when I do :confused:


I’m getting the train next Wednesday!!! Beer is on!!


I bought it at uni and decided it was too dark to suit me. OBVIOUSLY THE WRONG DECISION. recently realised the error of my ways and have been using it sparingly, usually teamed with some white glitter round my eyes and mascara. (i had 3 lipsticks for this outfit which i was deliberating between so glad I chose the right one!)

lipstick is SO ANNOYING but unfortunately it looks SO GOOD :cry: I don’t tend to rub it off with my hand but it comes off whenever i have anything to eat or drink :sweat::lips:


This is my favourite up to now, that shrug is great


It really suits you, pretty. Going to copy you and buy some this weekend. Just need to get used to it. :kiss: might invest in a bit of glitter toooo!!


i just can’t deal with lipstick. i can’t wear eye make up because my eyes are so sensitive, but i wish i could wear lipstick so it would be worth wearing make up occasionally. when i wear it it sort of turns into a line of gloop around the inside edge of my lip and looks gross. or i smear it everywhere by accident. or it dries my lips out or because they are generally dry and chapped it looks patchy (then turns to gloop later). someone please tell me how to do it properly.


I’m feeling tired, maaaaaan. It’s been one of those weird weeks where it’s felt stressful, but more because of the volume of stuff to think about rather than that there’s been anything really worthy of feeling so stressed about. So I feel a bit of an arsehole for feeling rubbish about it.


I can’t be arsed with lippy either. I used to wear it a lot but now if I put it on, I forget it’s on and then 2 mins later wipe my gob with a napkin then it’s everywhere


Do you use Vaseline on your lips to moisturise them? I would definitely do that if you struggle with chapped lips. My lipstick routine is: lipliner (if I have any in the right colour), first coat, blot with a piece of toilet/tissue paper, second coat, mayyybe some vaseline/gloss on top but usually just stick with the lipstick as gloss is when things tend to get messy. the lipliner tends to stop it smudging and the blotting/second coat helps it to stay (even when most of it’s faded, you usually still have a tint left). but yeah, if I eat then I tend to accept its fate and just rub it all off with a napkin.


I cannot believe from the sound of your workplace that they don’t have some really fussy and strict dress code, but you are a hero for taking advantage of any absence of this :star_struck:


Haha! How we dress is the one thing they’re really lax on (as long as you’re not wearing red Converse… that was one of the things that I was being monitored for as a result of my appraisal, completely idiotic since if anyone had told me on the day I wore them that they were inappropriate footwear then I could have gone upstairs and changed into black leather shoes :joy: ). Yesterday I wore diamante cat ears onto the shop floor, today I wore a low-cut dress with no bra and loads of gold chains. #REBEL (really just making the most of it before I start my new job, where they have a very strict and boring dress code :cry: )


yeah i am a bit of a lip balm addict, probably why lipstick can feel really dry in comparison. they still get chapped somehow.


I did not, where was that?


it was like every day on the train down to waterloo last week. literally placed on the seat for you. i guess it gets a bit busier down your way, so maybe there weren’t any left.


I think I’ve gone mad with power fantasising about all the legislation I’d like to impose on everyone


might complain to south western trains, I don’t pay my exorbitant season ticket to subsidise outer surrey’s breakfasts