So so cold

Off to third cinema trip this week - kinda wish I wasn’t doing this one but at least it’ll be warmer than the flat

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gonna do 100 star jumps and make a cup of coffee


Very tempted to drink six cans of cider, listen to Harold Budd and wander aimlessly around the ‘Fallout 76’ map.

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Got a chicken casserole in the oven for tea. It’s half an hour away and I’m hungry now though, so dipping breadsticks into a tub of cream cheese, like Dairylea Dunkers for an alleged adult.

Eat that. Watch TV. Go to bed.


Hello :wave:

Got a friend staying this weekend so attempting to make the flat all clean and tidy.

Need to take the recycling out now which is the worst fucking job in the world, especially in the cold and dark.

Got one of those chuck in the oven lamb things, gonna have it with mash and veg. That’s about it really. Having a wanker beer for some unknown reason, just fancied it.

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Alright? Got quorn nuggets, chips and beans for tea and that’s about all that’s going on here tonight, sorry.

I’ve ordered ramen for dinner because I cba to cook.

Currently keeping an eye on an online auction. Got some more work to do too but don’t wanna.


Evening all :wave:

Going to have pie and wedges for dinner. Might have a beer too. Need to go out at some point and give the rabbits some hay and change their water, but it’s very cold.


Got fish and chips in the air fryer and some beans on the hob

Knackered, all I’ve done is sit at my desk and go to a couple of not far shops at lunch

Day 4 of my tolerance break, really missing my primary method of relaxation

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Alright DiS,

We were quite full from lunch so had dessert for tea. Pancakes, had mine with golden syrup. Mini is irritable and out of sorts, so having another nap. Mr s_w has had to go upstairs to our home office to finish some strategy document (?) for work so im continuing my rewatch of Schitts Creek which I started today. Will watch some X Files or My Million Pound Menu when hes done till (hopefully) early bedtime. :crossed_fingers::sleeping:

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Disgusting, don't read

Spent cumulatively over an hour today cleaning poo off someone else’s dog’s bum, feel like at some points the cleaning was massaging more poo out. Feeling thankful how clean my dog keeps her bum.


Evening all!

Cold, isn’t it?

Made this for tea:

It was OK but I definitely feel like it needed some extra texture. Might do some pitta chips or crispy kale next time.


I’m halfway through S2 (third time through in successive years)


4hrs of work to go.

Still on S1, think this will be my 3rd run through too! It’s just so good.

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I Dont Arrested Development GIF


Just tried on the dress I’m making and I’ve put the pockets too low down. Quite annoying but it would be too much work to change it now

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Excited for The Apprentice.


The most dangerous family on the planet:

  • The Dingles
  • The Mitchells

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