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Hello. I have had very broken sleep which doesnt bode well as I am camping this weekend.

Nevertheless how u xx


I don’t wanna go hospital Waaaaah :frowning:


morndiddlyorndornpeterbjornandjohning tilty, dingers, future posters

standing outside after leaving some washing out to dry and there are a good twenty odd birds nearby doing bird things. mostly young swallows and …blackbirds??? i can hear two owls too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

going to bed, can someone wake me up at half one so i can bring the washing in before it rains please


Daughter spent all night being sick again. So I think we may be going through the tummy issue from a couple of weeks ago again. So that’s great. And so I’m dead tired again.

Got a really pissy dismissive passagg email about a piece of work that I’ve gone wayy above and beyond on at 4am so was the first thing I saw this morning. Off to a cracking start. Potentially going to have to step away from the project but I really need the money :pensive:

Wassinggoingonintons World Of Adventure


Good luck :heart::heart::heart:


I’m Victoria Station to get a train to Leeds. Far too early for Mo Farah’s quite enthusiastic tram announcements.

Jay Z’s laugh? (Remember when we used to do that?)

I try to forget.

Oh and of course the express is cancelled.

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Going to work, but it’s fine because we are learning to sing Big Wheel by Jim Croce

Kids love it


Morning all!

I’m working from home today because my class has finished. I need to do some marking and some online interviews for next year but other than that I’ll be drinking coffee and playing computer games.


Bloody teachers and all their holidays.

Wasn’t there a thread where we list common office patter?

When someone uses a swear word to describe something or maybe can’t remember the name of something so calls it a thingy
‘Is that a technical term? Haha’


Yknow what? Sleep is good

I have read this 6 times now.

Goodly Morningtons

Going to roll out of bed imminently.

Cup of tea and a coupla Weetabixes and then going for a pootle around Local Hills on my new bike.

Am off on an experience day I was signed up for. The experience is to sit in a room with my colleagues until 4:30pm

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MiniStack is 7 so we are in the typical whirlwind of before school presents and pancakes. Got them both Tamagotchis. BEEP BEEP BEEP.