I’ve been up since 2am. Sleep is taking a battering.

What does Thursday bring for you?

I seem to be listening to Underworld in my headphones and pondering when all of this might be over.

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It’s going okay. Got my daughter’s violin lesson later. Each week I want to set aside time to practice but it’s sooo hard it never happens. It’s hard enough to chivvie her into doing all the other stuff and every day is exhausting in all sorts of ways. She’s actually doing ‘okay’ but there we are.

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Ah fellow violinist here. Started when I was about six. The love for it comes and goes. I found particular pleasure in working out popular songs so perhaps you could buoy her with that… Get her to try the latest Billie eilish track or summat x

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Evening tilts and theolts

I’m off to bed. Thursday brings sleep, and then Co op, and then eating a Co op meat feast pizza whilst watching an old Eurovision. I’m going to put extra cheese on top of the pizza then douse it in chilli flakes. I’ve got it all worked out.




The usual, innit.


I’ve been woken up by someone using a loud power tool at 6 in the morning. I had earplugs in and it was still loud enough to wake me up.

I think my street might be full of cunts.


Hello, friends. I’m still up doing very important research :slight_smile:

Not sure if slept yet. Hate when that happens.

This has put Benny Benassi’s ‘Satisfaction’ in my head for some reason. You are to blame.

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We have found that if we start playing the piano then they suddenly get the urge to practice / kick us off. So get fiddling!!

Thursday got zoom meetings and work to do,plus sitting out the kids work then stopping at early afternoon to sit in the garden I think.


Not sure if I’m off tomorrow or not.
Guess I’ll find out at some point today.

Got to submit the ol VAT report but not much else on today.

Morning all. Another one for the terrible sleep club, feeling proper thick headed right now. TV is already up, so with any luck I’ll get a cup of tea in bed soon. That feels like the peak of my ambition for the day, think this is going to be one of those where nothing more strenuous than some reading gets done.

Thursday means experimental smoothie day here :banana::kiwi_fruit::strawberry:*:pear::avocado: :question::grey_question: (shopping day so using up all the past-best leftovers).

Would rather just have stayed in bed.

*various berries


You seemed pretty drunk when you joined the Zoom chat last night m8!

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Alright. Car debacle has got me down. Wife has her 16wk midwife appointment so I’m solo parenting for the morning. Fingers crossed all is ok. Then work again. Feeling a bit down which seems to be a permanent state atm.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.


Weird how there isn’t a gender neutral word for nephews/nieces isn’t it?

I have to teach two 3-hour courses today and I can’t wait!

Nibling! We’ve done this



just got back home after night shift - need to sleep but not feeling tired at allll. Was having a root around in the fridge, and my GF has brought a ridiculously, comically large tub of sauerkraut. Eating some eggs with sauerkrauft and hot sauce.

Yes but keep it in the PMs our partners might be browsing