Hello DiS

Woke up extremely_eraly for once. Might have to start shutting my curtains as I struggled to get back to sleep. The light though, it’s so beautiful.

Waiting until exactly 9am to call my boss who messaged me at 8.10! Just because you have a child and get up early doesn’t mean the rest of us do! I mean I was awake early but that is not the point.

Bit hungover. Why do people arrange all the Zooms for Wednesday evenings? Just non-stop Zoom with no time to have any tea :frowning:

(sorry @anon26275971 you didn’t join any Zooms that I was on and if you had I’m sure you would have been brilliant)

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Feel like I’ve already mentally checked out for the week. But another long and difficult day ahead begins in 20 minutes :sob:


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I love him


Moonlight shat her bed again last night - just the best way to start the day :face_vomiting:

Apart from that I’m all good considering


Happy birthday Emile :partying_face::balloon: :heart_eyes_cat::yarn::tada:

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Bit hot

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Save it for… oh, as you were.


Ok I’m awake again now. Where were we?

Morning. Cat had a Dodge eye for a couple of days so I was really nice to her and gave her loads of treats. She got better and thanked me last night by lovingly placing a dead bird by my desk. Debt paid.

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I got a decent night’s sleep for a change. The boy decided to have a potter when he woke up rather than come into us, which was nice. Feels like Friday too.

Plenty of meetings in the diary today, but hopefully that means it’ll Zoom past (see what I did there?)

Well at least you get a chance to sing Kathryn Joseph at it.

Nina’s a mystery cat - we don’t even know how many years old she is, let alone when her birthday is

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oh shit that reminds me i was going to attempt to make some sauerkraut

why? dunno. seems a very lock-downy thing to get into

Sorry, I voted before I realised I dont and have never had a cat.

Bike ride soon.

Might make another of those spectacular whole orange cakes later too though need to look out for my neighbour to ask her for some eggs from her chickens.

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i’m trying to sell a bike trainer on gumtree but they removed my ad for violating their guidelines (apparently)

but they won’t tell me how. tried to live chat them but their system is broken or something so they said they would email. they haven’t.


Oh yeah that’s what I was gonna bake next, thanks for the reminder

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So good and it’s the sort of cake you can totally justify having for breakfast too