I wasn’t sure I could pulp the orange properly but my flatmate just used a smoothie maker to successfully create falafel, so I’m optimistic about that plan

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Mmm breakfast cake :drooling_face:


I reviewed something on amazon recently because they sent me the wrong product but my daughter still wanted it so I reviewed it properly like how nice it was etc but in brackets at the end put ‘I have reviewed the product I received BUT this wasn’t the same product I ordered as they sent me the wrong model’ and Amazon deleted the review for breaching their rules. I was absolutely fuming about it. How can you let other people know if you can’t mention it in the review. I didnt give them a poor score. Tory Britain, Japes

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Remember that awful kid at M’s nursery that’s always spitting at her and told her her dad was dead and laughed about it then his dad laughed about it to me? Turns out he’s the nephew of a former disser (who is himself a G,G,GBOL). Quite unexpected as he’s LME not MME.

Sisters waters have broken. Pretty sad I probably won’t get to se her or my nephew for probably a couple months as she’s all the way down in Bournemouth


Yeah be nice if I can before he’s able to walk at this rate…

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Looks like July is going to be a Pervy month for viewers of Channel 4. Looking forward to seeing whether this generation of tweeters thinks my head should be kicked in!


I used to moderate reviews for another company. Can’t speak for amazon but i imagine the rules are similar. The review is supposed to be about the product, to help people decide which one they want, not about the overall experience of ordering it. Sometimes the wrong product will get sent or it will arrive damaged or whatever, but that doesn’t help a prospective buyer choose whether to buy A or B, because that could happen to any product.

Doing some online training and then there is a test. 40 questions and pass mark is…100%

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  • What test has a 100% pass mark ffs?!

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Weird how down days come out of nowhere, eh?

Too sunny for how bleak I’m feeling!

Heard ‘Trans Europe Express’ on the radio and have been singing ‘Trans Pennine Express’ ever since.


the wonderful @Gnometorious posted me some chocolate orange brownies and they are delicious, and arrived just in time to cheer me the fuck up

if anyone else wants to send me baked goods please DM me for my address


Imagine having to write a patent about them.

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Yeah I know, so I reviewed the product I was sent but just mentioned the confusion as a one line thing so people reading knew that the product is good but perhaps not relatable which one you’re actually getting. I wasn’t one of the douchebags who did a stupid “it was for my nephew so can’t comment, 1 star”. It didnt have any other reviews even though it’s really popular so can only guess everyone else had the same issue too!

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Happy Birthday, Beautiful Emile! Wow that picute really shows off how magnificent his whiskers+eyebrow whiskers are :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :partying_face: :balloon::birthday::tada::balloon::gift::tada:

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found out we’re having a girl last night, fucking mint. also saw the babby’s brain, buzzing night tbh


Aw andrea vine


Love you x


That is such a good picture of him. What a majestic boy!!

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