Hello. Hiya. Hi.

Will today be the day that tilty leaves the house for the first time in three days? Come back later to find out.

If I go back to sleep now and wake up at ten I’ve had five hours sleep…





Had a stressful dream where people were coming round and I was cleaning. My brain has been doing me dirty with these stressful dreams, another one lately was me arguing with family and another was my card not working at the till. I need nice dreams :sob:


Birthday day, and received offer on horrible house, so Not Bad. Apart from age which is Old.

Sunny and clear in the Dour East Midlands.


Woke up early and watched Smiling Friends

Off to work nooowww

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Happy birthday! And excellent news on the house :star_struck:


Off to work which is fine as we are off out on an art jaunt from lunch

Got a dress on which is precariously tight, will it make the day? Who knew my hips had become so shapely :star_struck::rofl:

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Guess I’m going to wing this tour today then - I’ll at least plot a route over breakfast. First bag of chai in months arrived yesterday, can’t wait.

Happy cakes @TeaRex


Happy Birthday from your humble representative of the West Midlands

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Ah shit office summer party last bar no memory of leaving. I’m sure it was.fine and nothing bad happened. Oh.god.



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Off to Spain at 6am tomorrow. Before that - work, and hopefully a couple hours sleep

So I was just standing in the reception area of the stadium where we’re running exams today and a guy walks up, points at me and asks, “Taylor Swift?”

So of course I said, “yep. That’s me alright.”

Apparently some of her crew are based here while she’s doing her thing in the bigger stadium. But the man had no sense of humour and did not enjoy my hilarious response one bit? What a world eh?

This is as good as my anecdotes are going to get today folks. Could be a rough one.

Hope you’re all well


Last day before a 4 day weekend and I’m already shattered, horrible feeling I’m going to log on and see I scheduled loads of meetings.

Morning pals

Would you still eat your granola after you’d found your dickhead cat with their furry face in the bowl?

  • Yeah just pick out the furballs
  • No, euwwww, gross
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Morning all!

No picket for me today because Wor Lass needs to be in the office and someone needs to stay at home to allow the builders to floor the loft. The first thing I did when they arrived was remember I’d forgotten to shift a loads of spare tiles from up there.

I’ve got a long list of admin tasks to occupy me (including applying for some hardship payments from my union) so that should keep me occupied for at least an hour.

To be fair I wouldn’t eat it even without fur balls.

When is it going to stop being so sodding cold?

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happy bday to my joint fav angular slow-core rocker @TeaRex (i think im right??)

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waking up with sore shoulders all the time lately, irking

breakfast tacos, coffee, Music League playlist, then kill time until THE MATRIX

Took my daughter’s laptop to work instead of my own :upside_down_face: