Just about to go out on my bike but seriously cba. Mood has lifted very slightly but still feel rubbish.


been for a walk. walked through a herd of cows which was nice. about to eat some fish.


At work. Feeling sad

this, except i’m just about to stay in on my bike.

would quite like a nap

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What’s up tilty? Or what’s been up?

I’m gonna go on a long walk Sunday and go to the canal to see the ol mandarin duck family near my old workplace. Just off out now too but doubt I’ll see a mandarin duck

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Had a really good aubergine stew with capers and olives but now my stomach is killing me. Hate IBS so much.

Watching Jurassic World with M for about the 30th time this month.

Going to try and work tonight but I don’t feel optimistic about it happening tbh :woman_shrugging:

I hammered and chiselled.

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Did you say hello to the cows? I always do.

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A cycle will make you feel better (this was a reply to @tilty - weird the replying to the OP doesn’t show)

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Had an excellent dinner of Linda mc southern bites, garlic spinach and mushrooms, green beans and fried gnocchi.

Got a quiz in a bit and then it’s a pink gin and tonic with some more Dead to Me.

Accidentally ate both portions of the Korean fried chicken I made at lunchtime so no dinner for me. Will head out for my usual walk in a bit. Just realised I haven’t paid my electricity bill for a couple of months, hope they don’t cut me off

tried to stroke one, but it jogged away.

Will you please… Oh


I swear the same little shit fly is doing laps of the house. Out my office window encouraged by my rolled up magazine, then around the building, back in through the conservatory, and back to the office. FUCK OFF!

Man, I wish I could go for an evening walk (this is not lockdown specific, but something I’ve wanted to do for the last 4 years).

Love being out late evening in summer.


Hi Tiltaliny,

I’m sure getting out in the fresh air on your bike will improve your mood a bit more, I hope it does :slight_smile:

@Avery is ordering pizza as I type this. He suggested we share a pasta dish as well as a pizza each and cw. ickycouple a passionate make out sesh ensued. That boy knows how to turn me on! Going to quickly put together a salad starter as I’ve not had much veg today (just beans, cheese and an orange).

So excited for my first take away since before lockdown began!
:pizza: :spaghetti: :pizza: :spaghetti: :pizza: :spaghetti: :pizza: :spaghetti: :pizza:


Got a fun filled 5 days of writing about the ypj in Rojava ahead, could be worse

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Think I’m going to have some wine tonight. I’ve been SO good this week (no booze since Sunday).

Watch me have a MASSIVE (half-bottle) red wine hangover tomorrow.

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Why can you not? Just because of the bairn?

Need a new tv programme now.

Is Hollywood any good?