At work. Bad news. I’m shift leader and few days ago fox killed all the chickens. One of these is a tragedy

NO need to cry mate it’s just a question

(sounds good but out of my price range. or are trimmers something where you should spend loads on? i keep getting shit ones so probs)


anon, do you ever clap for the NHS any more?

  • yes
  • no
  • never did

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Sorry, just a slipper tangent

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Weirdly haven’t heard anything for a few weeks but tonight one of my neighbours is out there with a sycophantic and wooden spoon alone in the middle of the square.


Today’s seemed busier than it has been, maybe weather influenced.

yeah it just went nuts here for a minute, some fella had a siren going, another an airhorn, a million pots and pans

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Waiting for a skype meeting that could not wait until tomorrow :sleeping: :sleeping:

Then gonna watch and episode of Hollywood and then go to bed probs. What a life.

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Don’t know what to do.

oooft. thought there were more clappers on here for some reason.

They haven’t got in to answer the poll yet



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I think it went down well (yes I know)

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Seriously feel so incredibly helpless today

Don’t know how to function or cope and just want away from everything

I’ve been intermittent, I did today because I was just looking out the window anyway so just stood there for a bit of a clap, but really anyone who thinks it constitutes a mandatory duty is showing a bit of political ignorance (which is probably why its lapped up by Tories)

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you just made me actually laugh out loud for the first time today, so there’s that at least :slight_smile:


Accidentally went out for a walk during the weekly competitive performative cunt-off. Had to duck into the park to avoid soaking up any underserved applause.


I’m going to level with you ruffdawg, I don’t do it because I hate the NHS and think anyone who works for them is scum.


weight. off. my. chest.