Morning all woke up at 3am thinking about this

Couldn’t remember if @JaguarPirate pirate said in the caramel or in the shortbread. Had to look at my phone because I couldn’t get back to sleep without knowing. Then thought you know what it’d be nice in the shortbread though. Then couldn’t get back to sleep so am very very tired.

How’s everyone else


Sort of okay! I am for some reason kind of dreading making dinner tonight. It’s not even that complicated (roast some pumpkin, blacken some corn cobs in the frying pan, collect with some tinned black beans in a dish) but I just don’t have the energy. I guess having to make my daughter something different doesn’t help. My wife’s had a terrible headache all day so that’s not been fun for her.

Absolutely love your 3am worry about a thread post through. I get a bit like this sometimes. Just have to read my book until I drop off.

A nice thing to do with berries when your having porridge or something is to heat them up in a pan with some chia seeds and maple/agave syrup to make like a compote.

Make like a compote and drizzle yourself over a pudding.

Take it to the X-rated Filth chat group!

Morning all :wave:

Got the work dreads today. It’s not like there’s anything particular - it’s more that there’s a lot of stressful stuff at the moment and there isn’t really any escape or respite from it.

Combine this with a severe case of the Charlie Bravo Alphas…

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Off today, it’s my wife’s birthday, so after the eldest is shipped off to nursery, we’ll do something nice like lunch or brunch or something. Very sleepy this morning


Morning troops, hope you are all well and I just wanted to say that if your on here, writing and posting, I consider you a friend.

Throat is killing me, head is foggy and I have a sniffle.

Got a report to finish off today that has been fun and interesting writing.

Going to the council to drop off a formal legal complaint against my old landlord.

Got a gaming night with a ATD.

Oooo my Bob Mortimer audible pre order has been released :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

Day off…working all day :sob:


Pretty hungry.

Gonna buy a Pom Poko ticket i think

Morning all.

Dog walk, bike ride, lawn mow.

Have a good day folks!

I was gonna too but realised I’ve booked myself away that weekend, ah well

And @safebruv - freeze dried pieces in the caramel as far as I could tell. Worked well and would have again but definitely just a variation, not an improvement

Got a very wriggly sleeping baby on me. Can’t move.

Morning :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


morning you crazy cats!

It’s good to be alive and I hope for you too x


Oh lawd, just realised our bedroom window is open :flushed:

Morning all!

I’m attending the fracture clinic because of my wrist. I could really do with not being here long but there are about fifteen people in the waiting area and people who arrived after me have just started congregating by the door.

Good morning! I am at work. Sunny today, thinking I might be down to the last few days of wearing shorts though.

They’re giving me a cast.