Then you get to ahem walk away?


I spent a couple of minutes trying to preempt Cast jokes but I couldn’t remember any of their songs except Fine Time.


you’ve just reminded me i gotta pick up the book of this from w/stones :smiley:

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Listening to Low
Drinking coffee
Researching an art project
Keeping my big ol head down at work and hoping nobody emails me about anything while I’m between projects…


Back to back meetings all morning. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one might finish early so I get a chance to make myself a coffee. If one gets cancelled I might go out and get a coffee. Coffee.

Other than that, I’ll be trying to find some time to research local data recovery places who might be able to save some of the data on my old dead hard drive

Morning all.

Woke up to an email saying that my Covid Test is negative, so that’s a good start.
In work and hungry, thing I might go to the shop.
It’s madness around here.

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What about pieces in the shortbread instead of the caramel would that be better or worse.

I think better


strong agree.


today i will be getting back into this old pal

@rich-t a different kind of sad to Bazan, but some magic lyrics hidden in this record


glad all is well pniks. hope mini pniks is a champion sleeper


Our bedroom window is next to the neighbours but a bit further forward; Avery keeps trying to convince me sound can’t travel around corners :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  • Another correct usage of ;! v impressive :sunglasses:
  • You got cocky :neutral_face:

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Hope you’re feeling a bit better today :two_hearts:

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Yeah, been listening to this a fair bit recently, so will check that out


yessss. if you like NFG but also like quieter bazan, wood/water will be yer jam i reckon

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On it.

11 o clock meeting cancelled. Best rinse out my keep cup.

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why is it so hard to keep plants alive

why don’t you want to live


they’re pathetic. Go away for a few days and the ones outside look like they’re on their last legs. Oh great, more dependents…

I almost used a semi colon the other day but deleted in favour of a full stop. Interesting eh.


We have some new neighbours one door down from us, a couple possibly around the our age. Yesterday we were sat outside on our decking and they came into their garden and started doing some sort of yoga type thing (I was trying not to look) anyway, Avery said something funny and I burst out laughing, then instantly worried they’d think I was laughing at them but then I got the giggles.

Tldr - I feel bad and hope they didn’t think I was laughing at them

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Just been invited out for dinner again tonight, may as well make it every night this week :man_shrugging:

Nature is healing, work paid for nights out are well and truly back on the menu.