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Hello. What’s the best plant based milk equivalent to skimmed cows milk?

Morning! I had an awful day yesterday but then got to meet my first ever disser, @witches which was very exciting. Although she’s set the standard for meeting dissers very high! I’m having a nice hotel breakfast before another awful days work and then heading back to the parents for the weekend.


oh god I’ve woken up with swollen tonsils ughhh

also, for the third week in a row I’m going to see my therapist post-sesh (oops, lol)

Hello fappable. When I experimented I found almond to be my favourite for cereals and hot drinks but I shall let our more knowledgable chums answer your question properly.

Moon was bloomin’ massive this morning. That’s all I’ve got

Was Witches wearing her big black pointy hat?!


No but she did have her cape


Day off today and absolutely nothing planned apart from making some lamb, feta and mint burgers for tea. Might read a bit and put my guitar on eBay. Should get some exercise outdoors, probably won’t.

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Im feeling very fresh and spritely today. I wonder if it has anything to do with laying off the booze and exercising during the week?! :thinking:
Nah, that’s probably just a coincidence. It’s probably all the coffee

Didn’t drink-fly home on the broom, I hope @Witches


CBA, as per

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Flu; day 7

Yesterday was the WORST - went up to nearly 42c at one point - thought I was gonna die

feel so shit

Alright guys? Decided to wear my docs to work today to try and break them in, I’ve brought a box of plasters with me :sweat:

Meeting some internet nerds at lunch for :burrito:

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We like unsweetened soy milk in our house.

Wor Lass finds oat and almond taste too much like oats and almonds.

It’s beautiful in London this morning. Last night was a mix of the irritating (got sunk by Aguero in the fantasy football in the 89th fucking minute) and the breathtaking (Alela Diane, at St Pancras Old Church - which is tiny - finished with two songs unplugged and it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard).


Seeing that Beginnings play tonight.


Morning all!

Would kill for a burrito lunch. I’m going through that phase where I got paid last week and all I want to do is buy junk food.

I’ve got a day of assessments with two groups of adults who are going to be university students next year. I’ve had one sickness email and one lateness email. I’m predicting a 60% turnout.

Is there a thread on grid girls/ ring girls/ walk on girls? I saw a woman on the BBC this morning defending their contribution to F1 and it was unsurprisingly weak.


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