i looked it up for me. tube 3 mins, bus 41 mins. tube it is!

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also not to mention there are horrendous road works/diversions around the back of liverpool st and that last time i went

also round Moorgate tbh

I’m a one minute walk away, lol

see you all outside at 1 yeah?


My mind is made up! I’m going with ‘Please shut up’.

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Maybe whoever gets there first grab a table? Gonna get rammo’d pretty quick innit.

I voted for the bus because I want you to SUFFER.


yeah okay, i’ll head over a bit early and grab a burrito AND table, see you downstairs innit


You’re a cruel, cruel man :sleepy:

I’ll try to come a tad earlier too.

Didn’t even know there was a downstairs…

also i’m SO hungry

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TfL cycle hire, m9

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It’s all about the Obikes now innit.

sorted, then!

gonna do nothing but play videogames today and try not to feel guilty about it


Tube BECAUSE Angel has long escalators.

I march up those bad boys EVERYDAY zeal.

You’re the luckiest man alive.

Thighs of concrete.

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i’m in farringdon! can i buy you a beer?

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6ish? not exactly sure but can let you know when i’m finishing up. know the betsy trotwood pub?

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