Hi! What’s going on? Had a pretty productive day of cleaning, shopping, washing etc then done not a lot for the last few hours. About to have a roast-trimmings dinner (roasties, Yorkshires, stuffing, peas, green beans, carrots and gravy) and watch some trash TV. It’s my Sunday night :frowning: Now you!

What ya doing folks?

I’m solo parenting tonight, so we’re eating ice cream, and watching Worzel Gummidge.

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Evenen all.

Was drinking last night so I’m exhausted today. Gonna head home and watch a few eps of Sex Education I reckon. No idea what to eat but I want some stodge in me.

@anon19035908 wins the battle of the Thursday threads!


I did nothing, but I’ll take credit for it.

always feel sorry for the loser in a battle of the evening threads so here’s a nice picture of a lake I did ages ago that you might enjoy looking at for a second. Hope your ice cream and your gummidge are nice!


hey y’all

went out and got some x-rays done today so GOOD, went to a job agency GOOD, got paid for the first time since Halloween GOOD

In an hour or so I’ll go to see Bob Mortimer live with a couple of excellent dissers EXCELLENT

Lady Gaga is back WONDERFUL

I hope you all have splendid evenings


Say hello to Slicky please.


but not Chadders? Harsh

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Oh, FFS. You win @anon19035908!

Evening Funky and Friends,

Please post a pic of your dinner, your food always looks so good! :blush:

I was supposed to be going to the cinema to see Little Women with two ATDs but the one who was driving us there had to cancel because she felt ill so the other one has invited me to hers for the evening. Means I’ve got to go out in the cold and walk up the road in the dark :frowning:

Bad anxiety belly ache atm.

Really can’t wait for Spring! Except I can because I have loads of fun stuff coming up in the next month… Bored of dark and cold evenings though.

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I feel your pain. I ate too much dinner and feel bloated now :cry:

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Feeling a bit defeatist, might eat my feelings but can’t really afford to. I do have 2 beers and one of those mixed drink tins in the fridge already so might as well just do that.

Well obviously!

And @Funkhouser

I only chose this thread because it had the shorter title and so it was easier to merge into on mobile.

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Food envy is through the roof




6 yorkshires and 12 potatoes each to make up for lack of meat.


Now that is my kind of dinner strategy.