Wor Lass made crunchy tofu out of a pack of silken tofu. She did this because I didn’t buy ingredients for a red pepper risotto. Excellent job, Wor Lass.

I forgot to collect some work from learning support before I left work. What did you forget today?

Evening @keith. Having a couple of beers, cooking a veggie curry and listening to cycling podcasts. Tofu sounds good man.

Evening keith, rich, eric (who was writing). Having a beer and organising a pile of CDs I was given recently. Will watch the first half of the England game and then I’m going to a good pub for a night of free stout.

Red pepper risotto sounds good!

alright keith, rich, geesey! we’re having some kinda aubergine curry tonight. might watch a film later. i can’t remember what i’ve forgotten lol :rofl:

christ alive they must be dull

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Only as dull as your posts

sorry not sorry :wink:




Hiya keith, rich, kallgeese, kallgeese and eric and rich and eric!!

Your dinner sounds well good keith, good work wor lass. I had eggs again.

I’m watching Alien Covenant for the second time, just incase I didn’t get that it was a bit terrible the first time. Might just fast forward through all the bits with David in it. Just want something in the background whilst I do some workage really.


Laugh a minute

Not home yet. Dunno what I’m eating. Thought the Spain game was on tonight but turns out it’s tomorrow, which means I’ll be watching fucking England instead.

you’re an absolute madman!

Maybe in the Wazza and JT era. They’re all boring now.

Haha I am!

I like it up to the point that they reach the planet and are all like Oooo new planet! Cool!! Let’s poke things. So basically before anything happens and before anyone (kind of major) dies.

still haven’t seen it. feel like i kind of have to but i don’t really want to.

Evening Keith. Eating Bighams tikka masala.

Bit grumbly because one of my neighbours with an identical flat is about to put theirs on the market with the same agent and at the same price, and will clearly drive both prices down.

Going to watch some of the football until it gets too boring.

Oh! Well, I think you’ll hate it. Like, really really hate it.

This is nothing you didn’t already know though. :smiley:

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i tried to like prometheus, i really did. i even watched it a second time.

They’re chatting about proprietary drive chains. very boring

Haha, we all tried… I think I liked this more, well, certain parts of it anyway. Hm, then again I was SO excited about Prometheus and with this I was way more reserved with my excitement and this meant I was less disappointed when it was a bit … disappointing.

Watch it with some beers one night. Why not? You might like it. Just don’t tell shucks if you do.

Ooft, you’re all about the Bighams at the mo. I wish I had some Bighams. Jealous.