Lime pickle, yum

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I had some pizza with anchovies. I bought some tinned sardines as well. for some reason I’m trying to get into eating tinned fish (I hate tuna though). I dunno.

might watch a film or two

Two was enough, they’re quite rich. How did you have your eggs? I’m a big fan recently of mashed eggs on hash browns.

Poached, on pumpernickel bread with a bit of cheese. I’m just being lazy because the bf has been out the last two nights.

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Eggs plural today?

Haha yeah, I haven’t eaten much today so I decided on two!

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Evening all,
Got back a few hours ago from ma wee break away.
Gonna go to the pub and watch the Scotland game, even though I can’t be arsed leaving the sofa

I forgot to look for a letter i was going to post and couldn’t find yesterday

I’m having a quiet evening to myself as my boyfriend has gone out for dinner. Here is what I’m currently doing (excuse the poor lighting)


Lovely fabric! What you making?

eating cadbury heroes, drinking tea

made a spinach paneer curry for tea, was fine.

@keith I forgot to look for last years phonics assessments, my TA is a bit TOO keen and keep asking me if I’ve done/got stuff and I’m like…erm…what now?

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Are ya offering me a hero there Slicky? :wink: … and a cup of tea would be lovely too.

course…they have Wispa ones now you know! help yo’self

my gift from MrS came…a plate with a zebra balancing a cocktail on his head. total thumbs up


Ooo!!! Let’s see!

Just finished at the gym, off to watch the footy with two beers and a bag of peanuts


A skirt! I started it in july but then started a new job and have been too knackered to complete it until this week when I’ve had some time off. It is quite floaty and summery so I’m a bit worried I’ll have to wait until next year to wear it!

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Off to see Simon Amstell.

Absolutely knackered and still full from Largs.

Hopefully some lovely beers will keep me awake.

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Oh dear, well if that’s the case then until then ramp the heating up at home and twirl about the place in it. twirlytwirly.

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Just eaten the blandest meal ever made, courtesy of my mum. Looked at the recipe and it defies comprehension that it tasted of water. Doesn’t help that she refuses to put any salt in anything, but even so, just a staggering, almost impressive, achievement in non-flavour. Even the two chillies added no spice and I’m the world’s biggest spice weenie.

Saw him a good great years back, he was brilliant. Have fun :+1:

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I’m at home. I never want to leave. Happy I’ve managed to stop crying though bd