• Fucking diagrace, choose one or the other
  • Should’ve just had egg
  • Should’ve just had pineapple
  • I’m okay with both

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You’ve missed some prime face making banter there.


that’s a lot of peas

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I’d have maybe 1/3 the amount of peas

Was feeling lazy so I got the slow bus home and now i’ve been stuck in traffic for ages. Hoist by own petard there. Not even sure I can face cooking dinner tonight, might just go to bed. What a dull post.

I’d have three times as many

I don’t believe you

I’m a pea fiend, ask anyone

well your star fleet logo thing is green so it does make sense

classic space monopoly logo

Someone buy me this


I’ve never had pineapple with chips but I love both foods so would be open to it

Although it does feature the tool chest, which is from Home Alone 2, that doesn’t take place in this house. I will carry on not affording this in protest.

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I’m off to a gig tonight. It’s been so long since I bought the ticket the band have have changed their name in the intervening time.

After being quite blasé about gigs, a bunch of people I know have caught covid in the last week, so I’ll make sure I’m masked up when I’m not drinking

There’s just no need to something you build yourself to be that price.

I really really want it.


Need to find some citric acid to descale the toilet but quite tempted to try it too, I reckon it tastes like the sugar on sour sweets but more sour

First workout since August. Can I eat a second dinner now?

I’m going to buy a lottery ticket. If I win I’ll buy you one and a real house.


the world’s most boring board game set in the most boring of all environments :frowning:

It doesn’t taste sweet at all, just pure tanginess

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