I’ve never seen Home Alone but I have seen the Dennis The Menace (American) Film

is this weird?

Worked late to give a tour then made a cheat’s roast for tea. Gonna do nothing until bedtime now and I’m very happy about it.

I look forward to living in the actual home alone house.


Evening all!

The Child has been ill all day so Wor Lass and I had takeaway because we were not in a state of mind to cook.

Ribs and spring rolls for her; salt and pepper chicken with rice for me; curry sauce and prawn crackers. Best idea we’ve had all year.

I got all of my outstanding marking for my exam class cleared, just in time for more to arrive this afternoon. I also sat through another pointless meeting that could have been an email.

We’ll probably be asleep by 9.30 tonight.

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Since when has this been a thing?

Saagers as promised. Added some kasoori methi at the end. A wise choice.


that’s a lot of pesto


literally the only time food i will serve with pineapple

I could quite go a 70s style cheese and pineapple hedgehog centrepiece right now

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Finally someone had the balls to say it.


Evening all :wave:

As mentioned in the job thread, interview went okay. Don’t think I smashed it but don’t think I fucked it either? So who knows. My brain is still going at about 200mph. However I’ve got pieminister pie and mash for dinner, which is as close as I’ll get to a heavy sedative.


Good luck!

Ooh not had pieminister for a while.


Today was ok.

Had cheese on toast for tea, now got a wine and Succession.


gonna make ma wee special hot toddy, try and see off this runny nose/bunged up head.

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  • Chilli garlic shredded chicken
  • Duck chinese bao buns
  • Veg spring rolls
  • Prawn crackers
  • Weird aged sour beer which tastes like fruit vinegar
  • Halloween (2018)

Listening to a podcast about the Titanic since M decided to watch a Norwegian show about it this morning (in Norwegian lol). Have since realised the show was actually about a ghost cat called Titanic who haunts the storage cupboard of a block of flats, but I think one of his lives was aboard the ship. So, you’re telling me he was already called Titanic when he went on it? Pffft. Huge pothole in an otherwise flawless bit of TV.

(Might not be flawless but the dad in it was fit and I like listening to Norwegian)