Thurz Day

Why am I always the first one awake?


Back to work today, think the dread has woken me up. Hope I can ease myself back in but no doubt there will be some crisis that makes the day stressful.

What are you up to on this day of Thurz?

I’m always awake before you but I don’t really bother starting these threads often as they just sit there for hours or collect people drunk coming home from a night out.

Just read this. Fascinating.

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Morning pals. Last day of work before a long weekend so expecting it to drag. Off to Berlin for a couple of nights tomorrow, think I’m the first DiS-er to ever go there. Might start a thread about it.


Morning all. Up early to go into work for a half day and then I’m off to Dublin to hang out with my brother and some ATDs. Off to Newcastle then in the wee hours of the morning.

Got a conference this weekend so I’m heading down to Sheffield this afternoon, looking forward to it as it’s usually fairly chilled and I’ll get to catch up with people I haven’t seen in ages

But first, Weetos

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!nemrac@ olleH


Put a gig on last night. Four hours sleep, ten hour shift.


Locked myself out of my account at work and have to wait for IT to fix it. Great start.

Today is an anxious/10 day.

Need to sort out cattery and… er… Hutchery(?) for the animals today as they have nowhere to stay when I go away at the weekend. Why do I always leave these things so late?

Also texted a mate yesterday to see if he can meet for lunch today because I haven’t spoken to anyone outside work for a couple of days now and have my fingers crossed he can’t make it because I now don’t want to talk to anyone today.

Much of this belongs in the MH thread, but there we are, a morning in the life of Zeal for y’all. Much love x


Sorry to hear this mate, hope you feel better soon.

Where are you off to this weekend?


Great escaping today. Gonna drink beer all day and gawp at bands ive mainly never heard of and will probably never hear again


Taipei. The good thing is I’ll be joining Mrs Z out there. The bad thing is it’s because she’s going under the knife next week so… :confused:

I think the antibiotics have finally managed to kill off the last of my friendly gut bacteria. My stomach is a warzone.

Good thing I don’t have any travelling to do soon, like e.g. driving to Glasgow and back this weeken…oh

Had shit loads of ‘free’ wine last night, fuck.

Think ive fucked my phone because it hasn’t had a mobile signal for ages

Least important feature of a phone imo.

By mobile signal, I mean 4g, pretty important when you dont have wifi

Oh. Bin it. Get a Google Pixel 3A. I’ll get one too and we can be Pixel Bros.

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Been in horrendous pain most of the night with the ol’ sciatica so today will be spent lying down and trying to remember whether it’s diazepam or naproxen’s turn.

hope all goes well

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How early is too early to turn up to a 9am meeting? Currently skulking on a BP station forecourt because I don’t want to be too early.