Thuuursdaaay Niiiiiiight!

I’m standing by a very cold door waiting for the bear cub to get back. Then get him to get, make his packed lunch for tomorrow and… :man_shrugging:



On a train not drinking beer. 1-0 aw


Just been Valentine present shopping. The existence of Oklahoma made this much easier.

Home, wrap, eat and some slay the spire and telly.

Making anniversary (getting back together - 7 years, thanks for asking) dinner of M&S love sausage, eggs, dauphinois potatoes and green beans. Probably have a beer and watch Murder She Wrote I reckon.


Left work on time and got good connections again, should be at my home station in 10 minutes.

I plan to pick up an onion and some beers from. Waitrose, maybe a fancy dessert as a treat. Then make some burgers for dinner and watch a film.

I’ve not had an evening indoors doing nothing for what seems like an age.

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I have a good book, but no food.

3-1, game over.

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evening FL, all :wave:

after receiving some new glasses from Glasses Direct last week, them being wonky and me sending them back, Glasses Direct have fixed them and sent them back to me. Will they now be straight?

  • yes
  • no
  • tbh m8 I don’t care but I do like polls

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Keep speaking bad Spanish :weary:

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Just into Edinburgh. Cheap pizza for tea, quick beer, then going to watch Buffalo 66.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen a Vincent Gallo film, always just assumed he’s a bit of a dick. Free tho!

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Making a shepherd’s pie tonight. Might hatch some bulbasaurs and squirtles after.

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Snack a jacks are a minus point tho tbf

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We got pulled over getting out of the station to have our bags searched…
Customs inspector: do you have any large amounts of money, weapons, drugs?
Me: nope
Her: anything at all we should know about when we open this bag?
Me: um, just a bag of sex toys!
Her, laughing, ok, thanks for warning me.

Glad i listened to @Gnometorious when she made me put them in a bag. They didn’t check the bag, so we could have brought loads of weapons in, too.


T-minus one and a half hours until we see Carly Rae Jepsen.


Ooo, VAR has intervened!

You stole my post!

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Working til 12 :rocket: :gun: :skull:
Wrote some lyrics that my singer dug though so there’s that today

In Amsterdam, I fucking adore Amsterdam :heart_eyes::+1:


That’s a film that won’t have aged well.

I’m waiting for work mates for a wine tasting.
Chin chin :wine_glass:

Going to a dinner and have to wear a jacket and staaaanndddd at the start and clap. just want to sit and eat and go home