Good morning

Forgot my meds last night, didn’t I. Did not sleep well without that sweet pregabalin drowsiness :frowning:/:yawning_face:

Anything interesting happening today?


'Nuff said.


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I hate my sister. Just kidding, she’s lovely.

Hope all you SydneysiDiSers are enjoying the balmy (winter) conditions!

I’m sure you posted a similar screenshot at the end of last week’s heatwave, with blissful relief!

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Yes today was the day I learned @anon89873996 is a hero.

Thanks for the messages last night those who sent them. Much better this morning xxx


Working the late. Do not want to be working today. Yay.

Can tell today is going to be fucking awful. Like every other day.

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Back at the Ribble Valley ranch I’m working from home as usual, this morning I’ll mostly be completing a very tedious but mercifully brief football database project, then hopefully later more interesting times to come with these (unofficial, informal) screenwriting and creative writing courses I’m embarking on.

Been really getting into this for some reason:


Hahaha, I did.

I just don’t like losing any sport to Australia.

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Pre Goblin you say??

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Something like that

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning all.

I spent my day off yesterday eating peanut butter from the jar and watching The Muppet Show. One of those days. No regrets.

Got a bunch of stuff to do this morning but if I get it all done I’m free this afternoon to make silly droning noises on company time. Living the bloody dream.

I’m really bad for just coming into the daily threads, posting a bunch of nonsense and then not interacting with anybody. Struggling to talk to people online or off at the moment. But thanks for being a repository for my gibberish, DiS. And I really do hope you’re all well.


There is nothing wrong with this :+1:

(hope you are well as can be ColHorse)


I think I made a bit of a tit of myself in front of the company on teams yesterday. it’s very difficult trying to be funny when there is no feedback. (I fired a party popper live to 150 people - imagine firing a party popper and getting NO response)

  • Everyone loved it you absolute ledge
  • WTF you done you berk?

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Mate, you should have seen how my Wayne’s World reference went down a couple of weeks ago. (Absolute silence).

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Hey @colossalhorse. Just to say that I thought of you a few days ago: I watched the episode of Bojack Horseman where your avatar comes from, and thought of you (was like “ahhh that’s @colossalhorse!”


Cheers FL :smiley: It feels a bit self centred but it’s as much as I can do atm.

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My last few Teams meetings were also like this.