It is weddoe and it looks grey as heck out there. However this means we’re on hump day of yet another week in lockdown… We’re managing this guys.

Hope yall have wonderful days xxx

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Going into work. Got grand plans for either an assault course, rocket mice or cardboard bugs depending on which kids are in.

Have excellent Wednesdays all!


Can barely tell the days apart.

It’s also grey and very rainy here in Melbs.


This sounds intriguing.


Seems simple enough!?


Hi Tilts, Slicks, Theos

Supervising some railway construction currently. Nothing planned for the day as they are all a bit of a struggle currently so I don’t want to over promise.

Quite bored.

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Hi! Usual Wednesday routine of supermarket, post office then chores. It’s my dad’s birthday today so will drop some presents round then have a chat through the patio doors.


Happy birthday Funky Senior :birthday:


Happy birthday daddy funky!!!

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Got my annual performance review this afternoon, so going to spend the morning thinking up lies about my “career goals”.


Should just link to this post really

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went on a tiny run (like 1k) this morning after taking the bins out and now I feel more energised than usual.
reckon that’s the secret. tiny runs


The Guardian quick crossword is all fucked up this morning and I’ve got “It’s a terrible love and I’m walking with spiders” stuck in my head. Spiders? You’re walking with spiders are you?

Not a great start, plenty of room for improvement


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.


Nice clouds today! Hope that moves a bit east, it is miserably grey here at the moment.

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Bad nights sleep after a couple really good ones.
Might treat myself to an unhealthy pizza lunch

Morning all. I’m at home today. The kid has chosen Dessert Sessions Volume 11 & 12 to listen to (suspect the brightly coloured sleeve had something to do with it), going for a walk this morning due to food deliveries this afternoon and the weather is meant to be shite.

Hopefully the dead duck has been removed from the pond.

Morning xxx

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Couldn’t sleep again so been up since 4am and now feel like absolute garbage.

I have a work call at 9 then will try to go for a mini run around (knowing full well I’ll fail miserably)

One of those days then :cry:

run, toast, coffee, work.