Ticket resales for the Barbican (Herbie Hancock related)

Good morning.

Does anyone know what sites I should be looking at if I want to buy two tickets for the sold out Herbie Hancock show in the Barbican on the 17th of November?

I’ve never had to buy tickets for a sold out show in the UK before so I’m unsure as to how to go about it.

Thanks in advance gang!

I’ve bought and sold tickets through Twickets before, never had any problems with it.

Nothing on for Herbie at the moment though. If you happen to see four tickets for sale, I’ll have the other two…


The Barbican generally has resales of returned tickets on the day. If you turn up at six or something then you can queue up for when the tickets are rereleased and you should end up getting a ticket.


Thought this might be the case! Nice one, will try that!

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Will keep an eye out and will let you know if I see anything!

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Aside from the above I’d suggest lurking around Twitter/any relevant Facebook events in case anything pops up there.

Yeah I’ve had a good hit rate with the returns queue at the Barbican. Make sure you have some cash on you, I saw Sufjan there as a random approached me in the queue with one ticket and the person in front of me didn’t have cash so I got it.

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Thanks for the suggestions gang! Got two tickets from the resale queue!