Ticket Stubs



Post your ticket stubs in this thread.


Don’t keep any but these are nice. Must be good for jogging the old memories.
Metallica at the CIA, that’s properly tickled me for some reason.


CIA was SO much better a name than The Motorpoint Arena.


Most of the ones I kept up to about 10 years back (I think) are here http://theogb.com/media/gigography/?_m=media&_a=gigography





Some shockers in there.




Pretty much the only male/adult there…


:smiley: why did you go, seems a bit out of place with the others?


My sister invited me and I figured it would be a different sort of night out. Definitely not the worst gig I’ve ever been too and probably the only point in his career (1998) that anyone could have convinced me a night watching Robbie Williams might be fun (which it was).


Loads of stuff in here


Fair does! I love Robbie anyway, bit jealous


Ticket stub for Hurricane festival 2004 where David Bowie played his last full concert.


My ticket. Not a ticket stub for obvious reasons.


Have something similar…