Ticketing site paying artists directly


People, it’s a bit shameless - a newb plugging something without a track record; but see past my obvious flaws, appreciate my immaculate grammar and fingers crossed there’s value to be had in my post after all?!

I’ve been a London based music promoter for the past decade or so (eARmusic) and have recently launched a ticketing site (Hellobands) aimed at unsigned musicians - in short, it pays bands directly, for every ticket they sell at the rate they’ve agreed with their promoters. Gives bands some payment transparency and gives promoters incentivised acts on their bills.

In longer, there’s a 1-page guide here and cutting to the shameless chase, you should totally sign go sign up and have a peruse!

I’ll leave it at that but will standby if you’re mildly intrigued, have any questions or simply want to abuse the newb…


What makes you better than Ticketmaster or their subsidiary WeGotTickets?


Hey ma0sm,

Ticketmaster, WeGotTickets, Eventbrite and all other ticketing sites pay 100% of ticket revenue to the promoter, who then in theory pay the artists. We’re the only site who allow the ticket revenue to be split and subsequently paid to both promoter AND artist, directly from the source.

The obvious benefit of this is that artists can see how many tickets they’re selling and take their correct payment for the event directly from us. We’re trying to offer a bit of payment transparency for artists, though at the same time the promoter ends up with incentivised artists on their bills, who actively want to sell more tickets - because they’re getting paid to do so.

In all honesty, it amazes me that no other ticketing site involves the artist in the ticketing process! Hopefully we’re on to something with that anyway!

Would love to hear your views/feedback - however negative if you feel it deserves it!?


How does Dice compare?