Ticketmaster Sale - Field Day; Lovebox; Janelle; Cure; Bosstones

Mostly 2 for 1’s.



Thanks! Cant believe the mighty mighty Joss Stones hasn’t sold out



Think a lot of stuff is really struggling this summer. There’s just too much on for people to willingly shell out £50+ for a big gig more than once or twice.

I predict it will be worse in 2020. Why would people pay full price when they can wait for promoters to offer deals or free tickets later on. That’s what I will be doing next year. A nice example of why deflation is bad for business.

Ticketmaster keep tying to make me download their app. So needy of them.

I’ll be honest Ticketmaster, the way you conduct yr business doesn’t leave a good taste in my mouth, so obviously won’t be downloading yr app.