Tier points

Spent the weekend with a bunch of poshos.

Quite a few of them are seemingly obsessed with BA tier points. One of them is catching, I think, 6 (or 8???) flights today, to ensure he maintains Silver status. One of the flights was for 15 minutes I think. Jesus.

Anyone here do this kind of thing?


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Is this like frequent flyer miles?

Probably best not to look into this eps, it will just make you angry.

This sounds made up, friend.

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Easy to believe somebody could be that bloody idiotic

yep. But the posh equivalent. Access to lounges/all business class flights, that kind of thing.

I’ve never understood any of that stuff, or thought it was applicable to me. Mrs HYG does stuff like spend on a certain credit card to build up points and so on. Baffling, but she seems to like it.

We have an AmEx card that gets us BA/Avios points.

Is that the same thing?

Our spending usually covers the cost of a pair of return flights every year.

So BA have managed to put Xbox-style achievements into air travel?

See above. Like that, but for the extraordinarily wealthy.

Oh my god, mr pn’s brother is well into this.

Drives me absolutely insane.

Oh. We’re not as wealthy as the people you hang around with.


Yes, that’s my point marckee. Well done.

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How wealthy are you mate? What’s your monthly take home? How much does your partner earn?

You really like to rub it in, don’t you?

<£55k to all three.

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If you travel a lot for work it can make you feel like you’re getting stuff for free so people get excited about it

No, come on mate. Be serious now. I’d like to know your exact monthly income, any significant bonuses you might be entitled to and whether or not your partner does better or worse than you financially

I might be able to join in with this, actually. We now have to use BA as a preferred supplier, so instead of flying out of Stansted I need to fly out of FUCKING HEATHROW for all of my business travel, so all of my regular trips will now take longer for me to get to the airport than I’ll be on the plane.