Tierra Whack - Whack World

Love this like everything else she’s ever done but I actually think it’s only the the third best thing she’s put out recently- Dora and Feel Good are even better.


I wish she’d make an album. She’s just the best.


That would be great aye, it definitely feels like its time for that. Going to make a playlist of everything since Whack World and treat it as a second album for the time being.

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Haven’t kept up with her since Whack World as I assumed there was an album around the corner and wanted to stay fresh for that. Now I’ve done likewise to you - put all 11 songs she’s released since into a playlist. Not really heard any of them so this should be a treat!

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Tiny bit disappointed with this one. Very much a pop sound to it and Tierra doesn’t do much on it.

This one that came out a couple of weeks ago is better I think.

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Not been blown away by the Rap ep so far, hopefully the Pop one will be a bit better

Full length album

  • Literally never going to happen
  • Be patient

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Really like stand up. The others: not so much.

Pop? Is out today and is great. Amazing that these two eps are longer than Whack World if you put them together.

What’s next Country? Death Metal?

Dolly from the new ep is the best thing she’s done in a while.


@WizardLizard never in doubt!


What Time Is It GIF by Atlanta Jewish Film Festival


Unbelievable! Assumed the EPs were gearing up towards an actual LP but also thought it would appear much sooner than this… but still super super HYPED!

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Major, major musical announcement.

If it lives up to the quality of basically everything she’s ever done before then AOTY is in the bag.