Tiffany & Co make versions of ordinary stuff for rich people

E.g. an empty tin can in silver:

I guess if you pay £945 for that you probably haven’t ever seen a can of food up close and you certainly wouldn’t know what was hiding under the paper…


There is always a Simpson’s reference.

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I remember being in Harrods in the 90s and seeing a silver-plated Marmite lid and Sarson’s vinegar bottle holder. This trumps both. £945 for a party hat?!

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Late capitalism something something.

tbf it’s in the same area as this kind of bullshit (£17 for a large cod and chips haha come off it)

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It’s called a set square, dummies

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Also, the only cause I had to use the one in my geometry set was when I lost my ruler. Hard to justify spending £375 on one

Why are they acting like they invented the colour cyan? Fucking parasites

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Only normal guys like me have empty tins rolling around
Hold on, I’m a guy like me
Sell me.

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