Tiger Woods

The guy is falling apart in front of our eyes

Driver is a type of golf club


drivers are woods


easy tiger!


I’m not sure how he is “falling apart”? He’s just a massive wanker


On top of all the sex? fair play to the lad!


I wouldsn’t drive drunk. But Tiger woods

Should be Tiger Woodn’t If I Was You

Actually this is shit and i want to retract it. Feel sorry for the guy tbh hope it was just a case of bad judgement as opposed to a deeper problem



Poor Tiger
Hitting rock bottom AGAIN

Ridiculous the coverage this gets and the whole “rock bottom” stuff. He was driving under the influence, obviously nat cool and a shitty thing to do, but something millions of Americans do every year

I wudnt drive while drunk but if anyone can keep on the fairway its tiger

he says it was a reaction to prescribed medication. Not booze.

It seems to happen a lot to sports stars when their career starts waning. It almost like they are living their teenage years which they missed out on as they were playing sports all the time.


Reckon he should make a play for the Frosties mascot

Tiger The Tony


I think it’d struggle to regain a real sense of normality if i’d acted like a twat to the extent that it cost me my wife, kids and €750m.

Kind of feel for him in one sense, but absolutely don’t in another. I imagine it’s very easy for people of such fame to lose their grip on reality and a stable social circle.

I feel sorry for him for sure.
He’s had 4 back surgeries ffs. He’s pretty much not physically able to do his job any more and it’s got to be pretty crushing to be in that position anyway, let alone when you’ve been as big as he has been.

He’d tear up the crazy golf circuit if he could be bothered. No sympathy.