Tigers Jaw

Any fans?? Two good new singles from the new album have been released. Particularly like June

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Yeah, I’m still fairly new to them but I’m a fan. Is there a new album coming then?

Yeah in may supposedly!

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Yeah, I’m looking forward to this album. Only a casual fan, but they’ve got something to them I enjoy.

Played with them a few years ago, lovely people

Cool, I’ve only seen them live once (last year) but thought they were really really good :blush:

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Had a couple of cursory listens to their stuff and liked what I’ve heard. These guys seem to be held in pretty high esteem by a lot of the emo revival bands atm

love that pizza album, pop punk, when done well, is the highest art form. went to a gig of theirs in kingston as foxing were supporting, I foolishly didn’t stick around, heard them afterwards and realised my mistake


Do they have a crew?


I went to that, it was v good

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Been really enjoying this crew’s albums today; lovely stuff.

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I actually discovered them only a couple of weeks back - I’m not normally one for google playlist algorithms as means of unearthing bands but credit where its due - a cathartic and energising track off charmer pricked up my ears and upon first listen to them I’m impressed…nice to find out there’s a new one to check out too…have high hopes