TikTok advice

Been asked by lots of musicians recently about how best to use TikTok and been saving these explainers, so thought I would share a few to kick off this thread

Most musicians have misunderstood the assignment of social media

A digest of all the TikTok tips

  • use Green Screen
  • change location
  • use cuts for energy
  • lighting is important
  • get a cheap sticky back phone case if you don’t have a stand
  • open with a 3-5 second hook (think newspaper headline, throwing out a fact/opinion or asking a question you’re found to answer)

If you’re doing a piece to camera talking video, save the solution to the end

  • be sure to introduce yourself to add credibility
  • consider your call to action at the end
  • cut out the pauses

Ideas for making 15 videos around one song

You don’t always need to follow the same format: try making a point, describing your point and summing up with some analysis

Musicians have always have always had to self promote and now you can craft your own narrative

How the algorithm works and how to hack it

How to improve your lighting

It’s not about viral songs. It’s about sharing your vibe and energy (maaaan). Just do it

Thought this was a nice example of a ‘how I make music / work in progress’ video that any musician could make

How to search to see what’s working in your nitch, I mean niche

How to think differently about TikTok and Insta

Recent changes to the algorithm mean you should focus on “original content” rather than trending audio

This account is a great example of how to promote a playlist

Or you could just hire this company :exploding_head:

And this isn’t a tip but how lush is this account?!


TikTok actually has a huge range of audience, very much not just teens and tweens — sure it might skew a bit young, but there are a LOT of people of all ages on there. The algorithm tends to show you content it thinks you’d like, so as a man in my early thirties, it mostly shows me videos of other people in their 20s-30s, so much so that it’s super jarring when anyone younger pops up.

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I rarely see anyone under 30 in my feed. Just looked and interesting to see the demographic

“42% of users aged 30-49.”


They’ve released a handbook

Quickly becoming the home of music discovery… it’s hard to imagine the UK music community without it.


Reminds me of when I went to see Molchat Doma November last year. Venue upgrade to a 350 cap venue, was surprised but whatever. Gig was sold out, I’d say the majority of the audience was under 25? I found out after they’d had a song used on TikTok and they’re just madly popular now (good for them cos they’re ace).

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20 ideas for posting about your next single on TikTok (or all social channels)

Interest way too think about TikTok: why should someone care and what are they going to benefit from your video?

Have done a podcast with a musician who I think is really good on TikTok. Lots of simple advice that you can apply to all platforms