TikTok trends

Dunno how many other dissers are on ye olde tiktok but thought I’d start this for the funnier slash more random ones.

bevaragino is banned.

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getting banned in various countries seems to be a trend


Love the weird/creative/funny ones as it reminds me of Vine, lots of talented young kids being creative, but fucking hell I hate all the pricks dancing on it. So embarrassing.


I think it’d be sad to see it disappear just as its growing legs. Can’t help thinking that had Facebook or twitter started up now it’d be seeing a similar trajectory…from another country worried about its influence.

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Private schooooooll checkkkk

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Remember when I was 14/15 we all were sat in our bedrooms hiding cigarettes and listening to Slipknot and now kids that age are expected to film themselves dancing with their parents to trap music for the world to see. Mad.


The Taylor swift love story one is getting on my wick rn

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You’re right, it is a lot better now.

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Does Discobot have a TikTok account?


:crystal_ball: Reply hazy, try again

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Yeah just ban it now