I haven’t got Tiktok, but I probably will get whatever new social media platform turns up when Jimbo starts getting interested, just to suss it out.

was a big fan of the tiktoks with vine energy compilations on youtube

Nobody over the age of 25 has any business being on TikTok. Let’s just let young people have this to themselves and not stink it up with our shitty gin-mum memes or whatever.

  • I agree and you are very wise
  • No I want to ruin this for the kids.

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would people be more willing to agree if I hadn’t put the wise bit?

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tik tok?? im not even on THE INTERNET!!!


This guy seems to be doing well;


You might recognise him from this hit thread on the music forum;

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Alright fine I’m in

Who am I following


I enjoyed all of the blinded by the light dances and even tried to do one but 4yo child would not oblige (and it was actually quite a hard dance!)

My niece uses it on her dad’s phone to try some dance thing. Apparently you have to perfectly copy someone’s tiktok dance but I don’t really understand it.

Pulled already


Need another social media mindleech like a kick in the teeth, so not for me chiefs.
I will say though that some people seem to put a lot of effort into their videos which yknow can only be a good thing.

The concept of following people is not really what tiktok is about. You can follow people, but the main way you see new things is through the for you page. If you like the tiktoks that you enjoy, then you’ll get more of them. I follow a handful of people who I want to make sure that I don’t miss things from, but the algorithm is all powerful here


Also tiktok has been a mostly wonderful experience for me but I am concerned about the ownership and censorship etc. But I’m still using it because it’s fun and I guess I’m a hypocrite?

I did not know this, thanks for explaining!

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I got it once but the default stuff you see before you follow anyone is loads of kids going “PRIVATE SCHOOL CHECK” and then I deleted it.

guess it depends on who the intended audience is for the original tiktok. like if i posted a photo of my kitchen drawer on here and someone else posted it on their public instagram without telling me i’d find it a bit weird, even if they credited me for it

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Getting into this

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I’ve never TikToked but my mother-in-law is really into it, so it’ll probably be over in about six months

I have a tiktok account to check on the kids. The whole think makes me feel v old but I do get sucked in.

Lot of excellent dog action on tiktok too.

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This is good