TikTok's 'teenage' filter and the crying of GenX

This whole thread is wild

Anyone here using tiktok? Anyone tried the filter? Had a breakdown at the loss of all those years? Or perhaps are glad of the makeover?

You can also use this thread for other uncanny valley tech stuff or similar if you like

I’ve got feelings about all of this but not quite sure I’ve sorted my feelings out yet


How do i add the filter?

you mean on Tiktok or in real life?


tik tok

Taking a live video with that filter on and running down the street stealing ornaments out of people’s front gardens, my tear ducts unable to hide how glad i finally am to feel alive again and posting it to Newgrounds


Just tried it - way prefer myself now. I don’t really understand the crying I have to be honest.

I look better old

Look like one of those Amish kids going reality show in vegas


Little bit David de Gea as well


Oh cool, glad it’ll save the catfishers some time. We all have busy lives.


I don’t think the crying is too surprising given some of the videos in the thread, people’s relationships with their younger selves (low self esteem, bullying issues, difficult times of their life etc)

I guess that all of this plus perhaps an uneasiness about the tech can be quite overwhelming, especially with everything else going on in the world/in people’s lives. Quite a powerful trigger for some

I guess so. Probably makes a difference if the filter actually looks vaguely like you if you were younger - when I tried it did a pretty shabby job.


I started reading that thread and wondered how it would work with bald people, then I got to this post

Looks like I can’t fake it just yet then


Why’s there so many old folk on tik tok?

(I know)

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I’m sure it’ll improve very quickly over a very short space of time

Is it definitely powered by AI tech though or is it just a filter that smooths the skin out and tweaks the face shape a bit?

No idea

I didn’t even know of its existence until half an hour or so ago

It looks better than a standard filter in all the vids

you look like a weed dealer who roams the streets round here

(never bought - his beard is too thin to trust)

also, yeah, hair is tricky so I guess one big bias of this tech is that the dysmorphia will disproportionately impact non-beard-havers and non-bald people ie mainly women

…who are already disproportionately pressured by unrealistic beauty standards, especially where age is concerned

I did read this though

“From a different perspective… I’ve been seeing my friends who became comfortable identifying as non-binary, trans, fluid, etc use this filter to see what their true self would have looked like as a teen and have found it therapeutic to see themselves in that way,” someone commented. “For the average person, possibly harmful, yes. For these individuals I think it’s been helpful.”