TikTok's 'teenage' filter and the crying of GenX

idk maybe - I’m always a bit cynical about this stuff because the hype is that it’s going to change everything but actually for 99% of people it just looks goofy.

They’ve probably got the disney filter on


probably infantilize you …or maybe not work at all

Absolutely done :joy:

Saw one where a mum and daughter did it and the mum looked like the daughter and the daughter looked the same. They both looked like an ai filter was on their face though

yeah, there’s a couple in the OP thread

interesting to see a few that change the kid’s perception of their parent too

twitter’s been giving me lots of this shit recently which is a bit funny. it’s just the voices that are AI generated, not the script or the video

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try this one

wonder what Colin Stetson makes of it?

Reminds me of a trend a few months ago of mums dressing in their kids clothes and everyone was shocked because all the mums suddenly seemed really young just by changing clothes

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maybe the trends will collide


These are just filters. The real mind blowing stuff is the deepfakes:

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They have a shit ton of followers too, which is kind of bizarre. Imagine being like the real Zara Larsson & seeing that the deep fake Keanu has 10 times as many folowers as you do

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Plot twist, the one at the top is actually the guy now

oh no i hate this one

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I tried it and it made me laugh. I’m on the train so won’t share. Feel sad for all the people who look really hot with it - must be depressing if you had something to lose.

Creepy as fuck and creepy people will use it to prey on young people.


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Teenager of the Year


I’m 36. Who gives a shit?


Does it replace hair?