Tim and Eric thread



What are your favourite Tim &/ or Eric affiliated projects?
Post links to some sketches if you want.
I personally can only enjoy most of their stuff together in small doses. been watching On Cinema from the start though and still can’t get enough of it, Gregg Turkington’s one of the all time great comedy characters






been enjoying decker lately


oh, everything. have seen almost everything over the years, and more than once - bedtime stories, awesome show great job, tim and eric nite live and tom goes to the mayor. all of the short films and stuff too. haven’t seen the latest episodes of steve brule, but i’m generally a fan of everything they produce, too (eric andre show, review, etc. etc.). might have to rewatch the film but i’m not sure i need to?

very much enjoyed eric in master of none. i also watch decker and on cinema, which is the finest review show of all time. gregg is an incomparable genius.



it was pretty bad :frowning2:

i really enjoy these





Love the stuff they do. Could easily spend the whole day watching it from start to finish, the Oscar specials are one of the highlights of my year, the bit this year when the CGI son comes out nearly killed me laughing


this isn’t tim and eric, it is good though.


This is an interesting read about DJ Douggpound too.


I really need to watch all of their stuff.

please can someone (@penoid?) gimme a quick rundown of all the best things they did?

I like ‘Eastbound & Down’ and ‘Master of None’, but they weren’t Tim and Eric vehicles so they don’t count.


@penoid actually you p. much listed a bunch of stuff already, never mind.


It’s all five seasons of Awesome Show for me. Just undiluted, unadulterated Tim & Eric non-stop.