Tim Hecker


Playing a few nights this autumn.

To be honest, that Paris line up looks awesome

EU TOUR DATES: kicking it off in Paris 9.29 with Gas, Midori Takada, Prurient, and Pan Daijing.
Sept 29 - Paris, France / RBMA Festival PARIS @ Palais de Tokyo
Oct 1 - Leeds, UK / Howards Assembly Room
Oct 2 - Manchester, UK / The White Hotel
Oct 3 - Glasgow, UK / Stereo
Oct 4 - Edinburgh, UK / Summerhall


Ticket booked for Manc. I almost left early last time I saw him because he had an absolute shocker in Manchester Academy 3. Diva meltdown and the sound and visuals were wank (all related I guess). A shame, because when he gets it right it’s an unbelievable experience.


Considering making the trip up from Newcastle to the Edinburgh date.

When he played at Corsica was one of my favourite gigs ever.


Saw the Manchester date… but it’s a week night and finishes at 2am :open_mouth:


urgh ffs didn’t check the end time! Dice just shows it as starting at 7:30 so I reckon it’ll be a standard finish time


Paris lineup IS awesome, jfc :flushed: If no more UK dates further south are added soon I might be tempted…


Got a ticket for Leeds, thanks for the heads up!


Samesies - front row :smiley:


ooh me too! Seat 9 :smiley:


Seat 8! Mini Leeds meet :slight_smile:


the white hotel tho, that;ll be pretty fucking cool


yeah, im getting a ticket :sweat_smile:


This Sunday :smiley:


Indeed, see you in the front row! :slight_smile:


it was fucking dope. never been before, a single server bar that’s a hole in the floor, other bar doing a decent range of drinks for cheap. Venue was cool and completely blacked out/smoked out. only concern was that my car would be on bricks when i got out. Great gig, more than made up for last time he was in manc


was a good gig wasn’t it :slight_smile: :+1:

(not sure what happened after 10:45 though :confused: )


Yeah it was great. Not sure what you mean, I made a quick exit at the end of TH


I left after him too, but the venue was open until 2am…


Well jel. I saw Pins and Yasassin there and it was mint, didn’t realise I was away when this was on


If anyone’s heading to Bristol tonight and planning on buying a ticket (they’re £20 on the door), I have one spare ripe for the PMing as a friend cancelled right at the last minute.

And I do mean really last minute - the support is about to start. Tenner. Ono.