Tim Hecker


Was good but a 45 minute set for £20? Sort it out Hecker.


1st two albums are getting re-issues. Good news as they are stupid money on discogs


Playing the Barbican in October:


New stuff on the way too!



Fleece Me, Fleece Me, Do It Again


A lazy comparison to make but it sounds like Virgins (slowed down a little) with Love Streams. I love it.

The past 3 albums + Harmony in Ultraviolet have been on-another-level fantastic, so I’ve got high hopes for this. Glad there isn’t a long wait before release either!


Ooh he played this when I saw him last year. Great track


I am properly feeling this. reminds me of some vague musical ideas I got from my love of the sound of distant passing sirens. and those sounds that come in halfway through that are kind of like… chimes with mouths or something?



I’ve listened to this today.

Found it totally disorientating, in a way that Love Streams and even Virgins wasn’t. My early hunch is that this is a very good thing…there are some truly hairs-on-the-back-of-your-neck moments


The whole album?



It has leaked…and there are handful or artists (him being one) I can’t resist the urge for.


Awesome. I’m struggling with Keyed Out because it’s just so piercing. Once it breaks down though it’s lush


The whole album is a balance of piercing/lush sounds…which I was really into


Streaming on NPR now:


Classic Tim Hecker record. Really really satisfying.


yeah this is great, seriously good


20 minutes in - really great.

Maybe i should really go back and listen again to Virgins/Ravedeath/Lovestream? They never really stuck with me.


I was a bit underwhelmed with Virgins but after Love Streams I went back to it and now it’s maybe one of my favourites of his. Granted there’s 2/3 contenders where that changes every few months.

I feel like I’m talking bollocks here but there’s a structure to the tracks and a preciseness that I think makes it feel quite different to the surrounding albums. It’s also colder/darker. I like it a whole hell of a lot.

First few listens to the new one and at the moment I’m just enjoying listening to it rather than thinking about it, if that makes sense.


yeah I’ve been listening to these over the last few days and enjoying them a lot more.