Tim Hecker


Was good but a 45 minute set for £20? Sort it out Hecker.


1st two albums are getting re-issues. Good news as they are stupid money on discogs


Playing the Barbican in October:


New stuff on the way too!



Fleece Me, Fleece Me, Do It Again


A lazy comparison to make but it sounds like Virgins (slowed down a little) with Love Streams. I love it.

The past 3 albums + Harmony in Ultraviolet have been on-another-level fantastic, so I’ve got high hopes for this. Glad there isn’t a long wait before release either!


Ooh he played this when I saw him last year. Great track


I am properly feeling this. reminds me of some vague musical ideas I got from my love of the sound of distant passing sirens. and those sounds that come in halfway through that are kind of like… chimes with mouths or something?