Tim Hortons


I like Tim hortons. Their coffee is cheap and good, the doughnuts are excellent, and like greggs in the UK you’re never more than 500 yards from one in Canada.

They’re opening up in the UK starting with Glasgow. I’m excited.


Another win for glorious Sturgeontopia.


Coffee is shite but the donuts are great. I’m in.


Weirdly popular in Canada,like too popular, don’t trust’em


Sandwiches were a bit weird, iirc


Timbits are love, Timbits are life.


Filter coffee and a cinnamon roll for me, Clive.

Hope they open a London store sharpish (it’ll probably be in fucking Leicester Square)


Could really go for a Canadian Maple and a cup of crappy filter coffee right now!


Grilled cheese and rubbish black filter coffee for me thanks Ryan…


Never heard of him


I’m going to need more information as I’ve never been to canada,


Big country, just north of the US. Moose. Maple syrup. Mounties. Ice hockey. Politeness (except Quebec).


Seems like a basic and fine coffee chain that people get overexcited about because it’s not available in the UK and it reminds them of being on holiday. That’s my guess anyway


Oh burn

did you see that @sheeldz


You’ve nailed it.




I think I may have misplayed Timmy Ho’s by eating sandwiches rather than doughnuts both times I went there. Willing to give it another go (preeetty big of me, I know).


Omg finally we’ll be able to get crullers


White Lung X Tim Horton’s = :heart_eyes:


legit worst cup of coffee i’ve ever had