Tim Key - megadate

So the best comedian in the country is on tour from tomorrow. Going? I will be seeing him at Sheffield University on the 9th of June.

I know the name, but can’t place the face, hold on…

Oh HIM. He’s great. Not coming near here though :frowning_face: :trumpet:

I’m definitely considering flying back to the UK for one of these shows… haven’t seen one of his shows since, I think, Masterslut in 2014 or so.

It’s a really, really great show, I think it’s the first one that hasn’t been better than the one that came before though.

He has a TV show thing for it also:

I’ve written a sitcom with the lead being Tim Key. This is from about 5 years ago so he probably wouldn’t be interested now but he definitely would have been a few years ago and would love it and think it was an honour


Probably a bit spoilery for the stand-up show itself btw for those of you going

You know those acts which everyone else seems to like and you feel like you’re not watching the same thing, like you don’t get it at all? That’s Tim Key for me :frowning:

I totally get that. I’ve seen him so many times now and occasionally been in the company of people who just don’t get him and it is entirely understandable. There’s no way I’d be able to explain to someone why it’s funny it just is. I think he has the perfect sweet spot where the exact amount of people who would be into him are into him and he has no danger of tipping over to any more.

I’m sure loads of things I like are like that, you either get it or you don’t and the more you try and explain it the less funny it seems. One that springs to mind is something like the League of Gentlemen, I know a lot of people absolutely hate it and can’t even see what’s supposed to be funny about it.

80% of it is me laughing at certain facial expressions he pulls

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For me it is very specific word choice. The verb selection he uses just makes me laugh every time. That video up there features the line “I’m not cramming a load of Brylcreem in” and the use of “cramming” there is hilarious to me.


Tried listening to one of his poetry collections as an audiobook, read by him, and it didn’t do anything for me, despite almost dying Every time I see him. The act is such an integral part of it

See, obviously nothing is the same as the live act but I love the album, his books, his radio shows, the lot.


i enjoyed the last one with the bed but preferred the one before that with the bath (i forget the names). saw the bath one at the Fringe and it was one of the best stand up shows i’d ever seen, still regret not going to see it a second time when he toured it

Masterslut was the bath one.

Single White Slut was the bed.

The Slutcracker was the earliest one of the three and I think that’s the one that culminated in a game of don’t-touch-the-floor which my mate put his back out during by giving Tim Key a piggy back.

That was really very good

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Everybody listened to the Key/Adam Buxton podcast? Best one from Buckles in ages I’d say. Just genuinely lovely and brilliant.


Always quite liked Tim Key but on the strength of this thread, I’m buying tickets to see him at the fringe.

If you lot have let me down, I will hunt every one of you down.

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I saw this show (for free!!!) at the Brighton Fringe

was nice and good and quite funny

Yeah, was good. The Tim Key episode of the Horne Section Podcast is amazing though.

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